If your patient or client is struggling with pain, refer them to our clinic. We will ensure they are seen quickly and we come up with a treatment plan to help relieve their pain. Contact us today.

Douglas Milosavljevic, MD, SC

Address: 8153 S. 27th St. #600, Franklin, WI 53132

Phone: 414-761-1802

Fax: 414-301-9101

Email: drmilopain@gmail.com

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

New Patients

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Prior to an appointment, a referral must be sent over. Attached is new patient paperwork that we highly recommend you fill out to the best of your ability prior to your appointment time. Please be aware that there may be additional paperwork needed to be filled out at the time of check in.

If you can, please attend your appointment 15 minutes prior to the appointment time to check in with our front desk staff.

Please bring the following with you to your scheduled appointment:

Insurance card(s) and Photo ID

Radiology Report (Xray, MRI, Ct Scans)

Physical Therapy information

Paperwork sent from us (attached)

Medication Bottle(s)/list that you are currently prescribed

If at any time you are unable to make your appointment, kindly give 24 Hour Notice of cancellation or rescheduling the appointment.

If you are receiving an injection of any sort, please stop all anti-coagulants including aspirin and ibuprofen 3 days prior to appointment.